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Water damage can be harmful. Trying to piece your home together like a jig-saw puzzle after a tragedy can be overwhelming and expensive -- and this is certainly increased after a violent storm triggers a flood. But hope is here with the team at Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. and our professional flood services.

A crisis flood service team is available at Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. any time you need it. People who have experienced a flood in Lynchburg can get restoration with a brief call to us at 434-509-1095. We can provide a specialist to come to your home and examine the damage and begin organizing some options for you.

Having a person there to help you fix your home after a flood is invaluable. Allow our pros to help you start the hard procedure of recovery right now.

If you have water damage we can help you with our flood services

When dealing with a flood, time should not be wasted. The longer it goes untreated, the more damage will be done to the floors and the house in general. Water can do more than just damage the floors though. If it sits too long mold can grow, which will lead to other issues. It's important to have specialists check out the condition of the household as fast as possible. The type of water that's flooding your home is essential. It can be a harmless spill from a sink or a sewer disaster. Having the water quality analyzed can allow the experts to help make an assessment on how to begin repairing the damage. Drying and disinfecting are the two D's that the pros at Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. stand by.

Both of these strategies avoid the spread of germs, mildew, and mold, which can be triggered by stagnant h2o. Dealing with electrical problems is essential as well. If there are live cables loose, as there could be after a violent storm, executing a game plan quickly is the best practice for a fast restoration. The first thing we do is determine exactly what type of water is generating the damage:

  • Category 1: This might be the ideal circumstance. Category 1 water originates from sterile resources of water like a broken pipe or a clear restroom container. This sort of water isn’t harmful unless it comes into contact with specific pollutants. Nevertheless, letting the water sit, boosts the possibility of contamination from microbes like germs and mildew. The best solution is using Hill City Carpet and Flooring's flood service to deal with this issue rapidly!
  • Category 2: To be labeled Category 2, the water needs to show signs of contamination that can trigger ailments, aches, or distress. Category 2 water includes washer accidents and floods from a toilet that was used not so long ago (with urine, as compared to fecal matter). This is a more serious issue than Category 1 because the water’s condition can break down a tremendous amount more rapidly. Common factors that speed up contamination are temperature and how long the water is sitting there. The standing water can rapidly elevate to a category 3 if it isn’t taken care of rapidly. Getting this taken care of quickly will help you prevent any further deterioration of the home or illness to you and your family.
  • Category 3: The worst category is Category 3. This is by far the most harmful to you and your family. It may cause extreme health problems or death. Sewage runoff, flooding lakes or streams, and rain from a wind-driven violent storm all could cause this amount of damage. This calls for an immediate reaction by the professionals at Hill City Carpet and Flooring Co. This might be regarded as a serious health danger and it is usually handled as a stage of emergency.

It doesn't matter what sort of water damage has taken place in your house. No matter what category you fall in, the pros have to eliminate it as fast as possible. Pick up the phone and call Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. in Lynchburg, VA as soon as possible to resolve this water issue.



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