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Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. provides hardwood refinishing

Without a doubt, hardwood floor is one of the most popular alternatives in interior décor. Constant usage, however, can make your floors start to look lifeless. Base traffic, dragging furnishings, and environment modification can all wear on your floor coverings. Hardwood flooring refinishing by Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co.. will restore the smoothness and the shine which you love in your floors. We offer the absolute most affordable and effective solution in Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Amherst, and Bedford to neighborhood homeowners like you.

Regardless of whether you’re on a strict spending plan, our solutions are affordable. Cheaper rates don’t imply cheap outcomes. Our experts are trained to work quickly and offer you the best professional outcomes feasible. All of our professionals have state licenses and are bonded; therefore, you are assured to get the quality you deserve. With many years of knowledge making floors look brand new again, our professionals can go to your house and refinish your hardwood floors in any space of your home.

How do I prepare for a hardwood refinishing?

Refinishing is a multi-step procedure that's done to take down the worn out layer of finish on your floors. The varnish used to seal and protect your hardwood will be sanded down first. Then, your layer of finish will be placed on the freshly sanded flooring. To help keep your hardwood in peak condition, we recommend doing this a number of times over the lifetime of your floor.

The actions to prepare for hardwood refinishing are as follows:

  1. Anything that can be eliminated must be taken out of the space. This might be to avoid harm triggered by the finish and lumber dirt that will be in the atmosphere. It, additionally, guarantees that your flooring finish will be also without any flaws. Flaws can be triggered by walking over the finish before it's settled, or dirt getting caught in the finished area. Furniture will, additionally, be protected by being relocated to a safe location until the job is done. Anything that cannot be eliminated, like countertops, should be covered.
  2. If it can’t be removed, cover it up. The dirt produced by grinding straight down the hardwood finish can be irritating to your lung area and eyes. Electric outlets can be clogged by the dirt and produce a fire danger, so they should be taped over. Light fixtures can be covered with plastic sides, which is often secured with masking tape. And of course, don’t forget that doorways will have to be sealed with plastic and masking tape.
  3. Remain out of the space! It might be tempting to top in to see exactly how the floors look, but we don’t suggest it. Peeking at the sealed space can allow dirt in, which can warp your finish. Additionally, the chemical compounds utilized for refinishing can be really strong, so avoid any type of possible allergic reaction (or worse) by staying away until everything’s good to go.

If you’re ready to get started on your hardwood refinishing project, give us a call today to get fast, affordable service in Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Amherst, Bedford and the surrounding areas. Our free, no obligation consultation will set your mind at ease and prove there’s no job too big or too small.



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