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Here are the facts: you'll need a properly installed underlayment, also known as a subfloor, if you want your chosen floor to last a long time. But if you think you know exactly what to do in the face of a subfloor, think again -- you need to hire a seasoned professional in order to ensure you have the best possible subfloor. Ready to begin your flooring project? Need a properly installed subfloor? Read on to find out more information about how Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. can help you!

The importance of the underlayment

Though you can't see an underlayment or a subfloor, it's something that you absolutely need to invest in. Whether you get carpet, hardwood, or travertine, an improperly installed underlayment can cause a wide range of problems on the floor installed above it.

There are many forms of improper subfloors, whether you choose the wrong material for your subfloor, or you install the underlayment incorrectly, or even if you install a subfloor in the wrong environment (a moist environment is perhaps the worst environment in which to install an underlayment), a subfloor is best installed by a professional.

We know the difficulties that come with installing a subfloor. But that's why we're here to help. Our professionals have been serving Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Amherst, Bedford, and the surrounding areas for years. We guarantee all of our work. We're licensed, bonded, and insured. we'll explain everything we're doing from beginning to end, and we'll do absolutely nothing without your approval and knowledge. We believe in full transparency, and we don't ever want you to feel lost while we work!



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Do I need an underlayment?

Subflooring is most often installed in places like basements, or any other place where joists in the floor cannot be found. In addition, if the age of your home predates the 1980s when sump pumps became standard in almost every area, you will probably have a moisture problem, and you'll definitely need to install a subfloor in that area. Finally, if you have an already-improperly installed hardwood floor, you'll need to get that corrected immediately.

Whatever the case may be in your underlayment issues, a properly installed underlayment will save you years of a headache down the line and needs to be installed by a professional. Of course, we think that professional should be those of us here at Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co.! If you're ready to get started, or you want a free, no-obligation consultation on your floor, give us a call today! There's no job too big or too small!