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Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. provides fast, affordable solutions to neighborhood homeowners in Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Amherst and Bedford. We give you an effortless solution to your vinyl repair woes at a cost you’ll love. All of our professionals have licenses and insurance coverage, in addition to many years of on-site knowledge. Whenever you choose Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. for a vinyl repair, you can trust that the task will be done quickly, and your house will look breathtaking again.

Believe it or not, vinyl is actually very resilient. It can take on the worst wear and tear, resisting scraping and staining, but even the most resilient floor covering isn’t immune to wear and tear. You may, possibly, observe lifting at the sides or see a tear in the area. Dirt might be getting into gaps where the flooring wasn’t laid correctly, or there might be bubbles and warps. But before you ditch the whole floor and get a new one, spending thousands of dollars in the process, get an expert viewpoint!

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You might be amazed to find out where you can conserve cash and time by selecting the flooring specialists at Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. We provide a fast, affordable solution to regional property owners in Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Amherst, and Bedford. We give you an effortless solution to your woes at a cost that you’ll love. Whenever you choose our group to restore your floors, you can trust that the work will be done quickly and your house will look breathtaking again.

The most likely areas where repairs are required are near doorways, in hallways, or in large traffic areas like the kitchen area or living room. Some typical culprits that have damaged your vinyl include:

  • Furniture: Scraping the razor-sharp sides of a sofa or seat can make a deep gash in the area. While it might not look too severe, dust and germs can gather in these rips over time. Tiny rips can, additionally, pull and get larger, becoming much more apparent as time passes.
  • Liquids: Although plastic features provide some of a barrier against water (and other liquids), even the most resilient vinyl will show liquid damage over a period of time. Water-damaged plastic may raise up at the corners where the glue has gotten weaker. It might, additionally, swell up and bubble. Water that is left within plastic floors can breed mold and mildew. Having it fixed will keep your house breathtaking and healthy.
  • Animals: We all love our animals, but they can be a handful often. Kitties and pups might scrape or pull up plastic with their claws. Pet accidents can greatly soil areas and keep them damaged. A number of these damages can be fixed, but some may require replacing. Our group can assist you in restoring anything that's salvageable and provide you with advice on exactly what actions to take to best protect your flooring.
  • Old Age: Everything has a lifespan. Vinyl does have a longer lifespan than most, but even in the best-case scenarios, damages will occur. Repairs can further extend the lifespan of your floor before it's time to change it. Our professionals can examine your floor and offer you a truthful viewpoint about just what is required to be changed.

If you see that your flooring needs a bit of repair, call Hill City Carpet & Flooring Co. or complete an online request to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your floors!



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